250 Years Venetian Fair Ludwigsburg

7 – 9 September 2018

250 years ago, while visiting the Italian City of Lagoons, Duke Carl Eugen was so enchanted by the charm of the Venice Carnival that he decided to give his residential city a masquerade festival of its own. Today, the biennial Venetian Fair transforms Ludwigsburg’s market square into a magical and fantastic stage.

In September 2018, prepare to be thrilled by breath-taking masks and costumes and to be entertained by a fantastic mix of acrobatics, music, theatre, fire magic, buffoonery, stilt walkers, dance and songs. This colourful festival is a magnificent blend of Italian vivacity and Swabian cordiality, Mediterranean flair and Baroque ambience, the past and the present, dreams and reality.

The Venetian Fair is a meeting place for everyone who loves masquerades. Jump right in and immerse yourself in the fantastical events in the Swabian Baroque city. Participate in the grand performers’ procession from the station to the market square and in the parades over the gondolabridge.

Experience the costumes and masks in all their splendour. National and international groups of artists will perform on various stages – with spectacular performances as well as quieter Events.

Video Production: Malte S. Derks